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Available Courses

AIFE no longer provides industry wide courses. It highly recommends two individuals, both of whom AIFE principals have been involved with for over 30 years.

Hugh W. Reid

Mr. Reid is internationally recognized for his DST related training seminars. They have been presented biannually in Calgary, Canada and over 17 other countries, with representatives from more than 200 companies, over the past 25 years. In 2013 Mr. Reid will be offering the following courses in the United States:

How to find missed pay in Old Wells using DST data, May 21-23 PTTC Golden (Denver) Co., Contact Dr. Mary Carr, Colorado School of Mines for outline/registration,

Exploring for Stratigraphic Traps using Multi-well Pressure Vs. Depth Plots from DST & MDT data, Ft. Worth, Tx, June 12-13, AAPG Summer Education Conference.  For outline or to register contact .

Mr. Reid has filled a niche in the Canadian petroleum industry by providing advice on DSTs, independent of service company affiliation. Mr. Reid’s website can be accessed at .

Grant S. Ward

Grant Ward is the principal of Ward Hydrodynamics Ltd. and a highly regarded individual within the Western Canadian Oil and Gas Industry.

Mr. Ward has 24 years experience in both DST interpretations and petroleum hydrodynamics and continues to remain active in furthering the science. He has written several papers, spoken at numerous conferences and has authored a course that has become standard in training geologists and engineers.

Mr. Ward’s website can be accessed at

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