AIFE American Institute of Formation Evaluation
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        AIFE, The American Institute of Formation Evaluation LLC. is the world leader in Computerized Drill Stem Test collection and analysis.  AIFE has been collecting and analyzing DST information for the past twenty years.  Our skilled personnel have processed and computerized over 436,000 individual Drill Stem Tests worldwide.  AIFE's United States Drill Stem Test Library (USDST), presently contains over 170,000 individually analyzed DST's covering the Rocky Mountain and Mid-continent regions of the United States and provides the most comprehensive computerized data bank of DST information available to the American Petroleum Industry.

        In an effort to obtain such extensive basinal coverage of DST's in all regions of the United States AIFE has been actively collecting both public and previously unavailable data from a vast array of sources.  To further augment data collected directly by AIFE, and to help provide the current basinal coverage, data from private sources and major exploration companies have also been individually analyzed and computerized.  USDST contains DST's that have been run over the past 40 years and provides the most accessible pressure database of its kind in the United States.

       Our experienced personnel have evaluated each DST as taken from the original service report, using consistent classification and codification methodologies to ensure not only quality but accuracy of interpretation.  Where applicable, each DST is digitized to allow for shut in analysis.  Horner extrapolations and slopes are calculated and used in the classification of the individual DST to provide the most usable DST information for regional or basinal analysis.

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